King for a While by Eva Rubin Review

King for a While by Eva Rubin Review

Eva Rubin King for a While Review

King for a While by Eva Rubin Review

In true Rated Sound fashion, we did this the wrong way around and reviewed Eva Rubin’s excellent Hard Decline EP before her earlier King for a While album. So what can we tell you about it? Well it’s another mini-masterpiece, and at eight tracks it’s certainly pocket-sized. We think that’s a good thing though. Remember when artists would release albums of 8-10 tracks of pure killer rather than bloated 17-track monsters of mediocrity? This is certainly the case with this King for a While album.

The title track opens King for a While with a gentle kind of alt-country rock that reminds me of an updated Exile on Main Street if Mick Jagger could actually sing. That Eva Rubin can sing is proven on this song and the excellent second song on King for a While, Best I Can. Eva is accompanied by only a guitar at the start of the track which gives her a chance to show off her singing chops which she does with aplomb. Andrew Russell’s trumpet is introduced part-way through the song to give a slightly jazzy feel. The whole song sounds live and is all the better for that.

Surrounded again gives us the same simple but utterly effective musical backing and allows a tale to be told as Eva’s voice once again soars.

The instrumentation is subtle and sparse throughout but not without the odd pleasant surprise such as the “ahh-ahh” backing vocals that pop up on Capture this. “Nothing could capture this like my eyes”, Eva tells us on this track as she paints pictures with her words and formidable voice.

The intriguing Take This Ride hints is a slow burner that hints at some kind of hidden fury. The track features some mean guitar picking. “Let me see you burn”, the subject of the song is told.

The ambitious and outstanding Only Love has a remarkable multi-vocal a capella beginning that is so great it just has to be heard. I actually skipped back to the start to hear this again when I first heard the song. A true stand out moment on King For a While.

King For a While ends in introspective mood on Of September. Eva’s ear for melody is very much in evidence, as is her talent as a canny lyricist. A strong end to a fine album but my favourite moments from King For a While are Best I Can and Only Love.

Eva Rubin is a rising star and one of our artists to watch in 2016, so you heard it here first! The quality of this record and the excellent Hard Decline EP bode well for the future. We hear rumours of future releases from Eva and we await these eagerly.

You can listed to King for a While on Eva Rubin’s Bandcamp page, so why not give it a try?

Rated Sound gives King for a While by Eva Rubin a rating of 8/10.

King for a While (2012) by Eva Rubin Track Listing

1. King for a While
2. Best I Can
3. Surrounded
4. Capture This
5. Take this Ride
6. How Do I Hold
7. Only Love
8. Of September

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