Some Kind of Illness Self-Titled Album

Some Kind of Illness Self-Titled Album

Some Kind of Illness Self-Titled Album

With its drifting melodies and well-blended harmonies, Some Kind of Illness’s self-titled album is the kind of music you listen to on a quiet Sunday morning, bundled under your favourite quilt with a hot cup of tea.

Brothers Mark and Paul Hinks, of Farnworth UK, are joined by Tom Welsh, also of Farnworth, to create the minimalist album, whose tracks are brief yet extremely engaging. Each track provides the listener the opportunity to turn inward, and reflect on matters of the heart with a soundtrack that evokes emotion.

Ethereal in feel, deep in reflection and a stellar example of production quality, Some Kind of Illness is beautifully created. The lack of percussion gives the guitar and keyboards a chance to open the space of time, and fill it with waves of melody that sound and feel much larger than they actually are. It’s the kind of music that makes you think of romantic strolls in the garden or on the beach; of cosy nights under star filled skies and with your lover by your side and your future straight ahead.

Described as “haunting, atmospheric and wistful” the sound-scape is reminiscent of more well-known artists such as Band of Horses, My Morning Jacket, Fleet Foxes and Bon Iver, without being copy-catish in any way, SKOI’s tracks are infused with sounds of love, light, journey and soul. The duo acoustic guitars joined by synthed and flowing dream-like atmospheric chords are the perfect opportunity to take a break from the day-to-day and lose yourself in a dreamscape of music.

Available on the album’s set-your-own-price purchase is sure to become an investment in both music and time you’ll come back to repeatedly.

To listen to Some Kind of Illness self-titled album, visit their bandcamp page here: Some Kind of Illness Bandcamp Page.

Some Kind of Illness Self-Titled Album

Some Kind of Illness (2016) Track Listing

1. The Test of Time
2. Angel Breakdown
3. Stars
4. Maple Leaf ft Daisy Davies
5. The Light
6. And Live
7. You Have To Laugh
8. My Shadow In The Maze
9. Rush To Wait
10.Fool Man Runaway (ft Caoilfhionn Rose)

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