Chris Tavener “i’m sorrdy bi’m drunnk” EP Review

Chris Tavener

Chris Tavener “i’m sorrdy bi’m drunnk” EP Review

Chris Tavener has been writing songs from the age of 17 and now, at the ripe old age of 22, this new “i’m sorrdy bi’m drunnk” EP, is set to see Chris reach a wider audience. The music here is satirical, humorous and occasionally whimsical, but wait, before you skip to the next review, this isn’t the sort of weak novelty skit you might hear on Radio 4 on Monday evenings. The music succeeds because; a) the lyrics are always interesting and always retain a satisfying bite and b) Chris has the musical chops to make the songs stand up from a technical point of view.

Take the first song, Super Cool Sadie. The song sounds like it could’ve made it onto the Pulp Classic, Different Class as Chris sings about the unobtainable Sadie who he’s with only in his (“filthy”) dreams. The artist may or may not have been influenced directly by Pulp but I rather think the similarities are because he was listening to the same stuff as Pulp did and, like Jarvis Cocker at his best, Chris is a great commentator on the ordinary frustrations of life.

Track two, Modern Romance (She’s So Drunk), combines a pleasing folk melody with bawdy tale about an encounter in a club that reaches its logical conclusion in the, err, toilet. A humorous discussion on youth culture that nevertheless doesn’t shy away from the nitty-gritty or paint a glamorous picture. Aerosmith‘s Love in an Elevator it ain’t but then again Steven Tyler isn’t from the North West of England or as erudite as Chris Tavener!

Apocalypse Prediction, is as the name suggests, a take on the end of the world scenarios that seem to be predicted every so often by various groups or individuals. It’s also a comment on the dangerous times we live in with or the way bad news is whipped up by the media.

The final track on the EP, I’m Better Than You, sees Chris Tavener discuss wealth, class and snobbery. Three subjects very apparent in Britain today – but then again when weren’t they apparent. Cutting, scathing and extremely listenable, I’m Better Than You is a fine way to end the EP and inevitably leaves the listener wanting more. This track was played by Steve Lamacq on his BBC Radio 6 Music show and described Chris as “an interesting lad with an elastic turn of phrase”.

The music on the EP is rooted in tradition and presents a particularly English way of looking at the world. This Chris Tavener “i’m sorrdy bi’m drunnk” EP successfully combines indie and folk melodies and it’s a mark of a good lyricist that you always want to hear what he sings next. Think Morrissey, Jarvis Cocker, Ray Davies as witty English songwriters and Chris Tavener is in good company. We will surely hear more of him.

More information at Chris Tavener’s Facebook Page.

Chris Tavener

Chris Tavener “i’m sorrdy bi’m drunnk” EP (2016) Track Listing

1. Super Cool Sadie
2. Modern Romance (She’s So Drunk)
3. Apocalypse Prediction
4. I’m Better Than You

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