Wings of Pegasus Persistence Review

Wings of Pegasus Persistence

Wings of Pegasus Persistence Review

Wings of Pegasus Persistence album harks back to the glory days of hard rock and melodic metal. Nirvana were a great band and a lot of good came out of the grunge scene in the early nineties. While grunge didn’t quite kill off classic metal, it certainly drove it underground. Thankfully, this cracking release from Wings of Pegasus is set to revive the classic rock scene.

Wings of Pegasus are led by Fil Henley, who, as far as I can tell does just about everything in Wings of Pegasus – he sings, plays the guitar, keyboards, the lot. He even taught himself how to produce so the title Persistence very apt for Mr Henley himself.

The band claim influence from Deep Purple, Aerosmith, Dokken and more. Certainly, listening to Wings of Pegasus Persistence album, Fireball-era Deep Purple spring to mind, which is high praise indeed considering the quality of that album. Yet on opener, Amelia, Alice Cooper’s more theatrical flourishes from Billion Dollar Babies spring to mind until the guitars kick in and set the tone for the rest of the album.

Album highlights include Art Not Commerce Paris Nord and the crunching riffs of Percy Johnson. The latter is a kind of short story in itself about some kind of hostage situation escalating out of control. I doubt Wings of Pegasus were around for the original New Wave of British Heavy Metal (NWOBM) but the riffs on Persistence recall the energy and punch of that era. Maybe this marks the beginning of the New New Wave of British Heavy Metal? You heard about NNWOBM here first folks!

Wings of Pegasus Persistence album ticks all of the right boxes for fans of 80s metal. Wings of Pegasus demonstrate an admirable disregard for the unhealthy rock conventions of the last twenty years to plough their own furrow and concentrate on giving the listener a good time and on this score Persistence over delivers. Bright and breezy, endlessly enthusiastic, packed with great melodies and searing guitar solos, Wings of Pegasus are the real deal.

Listen to Wings of Pegasus Persistence at their Reverbnation Page.

Wings of Pegasus Persistence

Wings of Pegasus Persistence (2013) Track Listing

1. Amelia
2. Art Not Commerce
3. Don’t Cry
4. Greed
5. Haunted
6. Hero
7. Paris Nord
8. Percy Johnson
9. That’s Metal (To My Ears)
10. Unwanted Stranger
11. Falling Down

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