Thirteen Volume 1 Review

Thirteen Volume 1

Thirteen Volume 1 Review

Thirteen Volume 1 was released in March 2015 and is the Washington DC band’s accomplished debut album. Thirteen main man Dan Mahanger is a self-styled “Justin Bieber Antichrist” so it’s no surprise that Thirteen claim inspiration from the likes of Guns N’ Roses, Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin.

Kicking off with the Black Sabbath-like riffing of The Siren, Thirteen Volume 1 promises to give the listener an ear-bashing and doesn’t disappoint. The heavy decibel levels continue through Romeo Kiss until Satin Doll slows things down to an almost funky level but the groove is still heavy on a sparse riff that allows the song to breathe and the vocals to rise to the top.

After the full-on assault of the opening three tracks we are offered some respite in the unexpectedly vulnerable I Let Go. This band doesn’t just beat us into submission with the metal, they tug at our heartstrings too before pummeling us again.

Thirteen Volume 1 album was recorded at Scott Weiland’s Lavish Studios and the album and the music does, at times nod to Libertad, Velvet Revolver’s much-underrated second album. A word about the production too, which is crystal-clear. The music has its roots in the classic era of hard rock but the sound, production and overall feel of the album is very much in the twentieth century. The good news is they’re recording new material.

There aren’t enough people producing heavy rock these days. Or let me put it another way, there aren’t enough musicians producing good heavy rock nowadays. To find a band that is not only exceptionally skilled technically but have the imagination to do something worthwhile with their talent is refreshing. Thirteen Volume 1 falls very much into this bracket so if you like your music heavy then you should listen to Thirteen.

You can sample some of this music on Thirteen’s Reverbnation page.

Thirteen Volume 1 Album

Thirteen Volume 1 (2015) Track Listing

1. The Siren (man on the edge)
2. Romeo Kiss (heavy version)
3. Satin Doll
4. I Let Go (his)
5. Time (his)
6. The Siren (hypnotize)
7. Romeo Kiss
8. I Let Go (her)
9. I Let Go (duet)
10. Time
11. Thirteen Interview

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