Killit Shut It Down Album Review

Killit Shut It Down Album Review

Killit Shut It Down Album Review

Killit are a London-based band with a diverse multi-national line-up with band members from Argentina, Britain, Hungary and Israel. Starting out in early 2015, their line up is: Gaz Twist (Vocals), Niro Knox (Lead Guitar), Byron Marr (Rhythm Guitar), Geos Letona (Bass) and Pete Jean (Drums).

It’s well worth mentioning that not only are Killit a diverse bunch but they boast an impressive CV. They were born from King Lizard and Ace Mafia who included members of We Are Harlot and Judas Priest, no less! Undoubtedly they are a band who have come up the hard way, honing their skills live – refreshing in this age of Rock/Pop Idol instant fame. It’s this combination of diverse backgrounds, pedigree and a sound rooted in, but not constrained by classic rock, that makes Killit’s Shut It Down album irresistible.

Title track Shut It Down kicks of the album in fast-paced, upbeat style until the track takes a sudden change of pace halfway through. Very much a statement of intent, Killit give us a taste of what to expect from the rest of the album and the standard never drops.

See The End is a track that has helped Killit make some serious headway in the media, with Planet Rock adding it to their New Music Playlist. The video received coverage from Scuzz TV.

Special mention has to go to the guitar solo on I Ain’t Playing Your game. It’s nice to hear a band happy to explore the possibilities of the guitar and prove that guitar solos can be exciting while Gaz Twist spits his lines out with some gusto.

Latest Single, Take The Power showcases Killit’s sound perfectly. It’s driven along by some astonishing guitar work from Niro Knox and Byron Marr. Gaz Twist proves that he is a top-notch rock singer who has grasped that to front a great band you need not only a great voice but must deliver the lines convincingly. Add to this the tight-as-a-kipper’s rhythm section of Geos Letona and Pete Jean and you have the perfect hard rock single.

Check out the awesome Take the Power single here

The aptly titled Calm Before The Storm (or should that be calm after the storm) slows things down a bit. Perfectly placed on the album, it gives the listener a chance to catch breath and a change for Killit to demonstrate their versatility on a soulful, laid back number. Another departure from all-out rock is the ballad, Our Last Goodbye”. The song shows that Killit have an ear for a great pop hook and if you’re going to do a rock ballad, do it like this.

Shut it Down is a fine debut from a talented bunch of musicians. The songs are well-crafted and thoughtful and have that instinctive flourish that marks Killit as a cut above. If you get the chance to see this lot live anytime soon, I’d take it because with a growing fan base and increased exposure Killit are destined for great things.

Killit Shut It Down Album Review

Killit Shut It Down (2016) Track List

1. Shut It Down
2. Say My Name
3. Calm Before The Storm
4. See The End
5. Take The Power
6. Our Last Goodbye
7. I Ain’t Playing Your Game
8. Calling You For The Very Last Time
9. Dragging Me Down
10. Draw The Line
11. Don’t Look Back
12. Crash And Burn

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