Dream State Consequences EP Review

Dream State Consequences EP Review

Dream State Consequences EP Review

Dream State Consequences EP was their debut EP, released in 2015, so we’re a little late with this review. A female-fronted five-piece from Wales, Dream State’s line up consists of: Charlotte-Jayne Gilpin (lead vocals), Aled Evans (lead guitar), Sam Harrison-Little (rhythm guitar/backing vocals), Danny Rayer (bass guitar) and Jamie Lee (drums). Dream State are the second fantastic female-fronted band we’ve covered in recent weeks after the equally awesome As December Falls.

The Consequences EP was recorded at the Boneyard Studios and it has to be said that you’d never know that this was a debut EP, such is the professionalism and the confidence in the delivery. Burden starts thing off with some nifty guitar work, providing a solid foundation for Charlotte-Jane Gilpin to show off her strong vocals. The song builds tension before unleashing the full power of the band and this power and the quality of the songs doesn’t dip over the next twenty or so minutes of this fine EP.

Lead single Burn Them Down nods to some classic metal tendencies on an infectious number that has you hooked from the beginning. This song acts as a magnet to draw you into the EP as a whole and it is on the rest of the Consequences that you get an idea of the potential for this band.

Dream State Consequences EP – Burn Them Down

Consequences ends with the extraordinary Rebuild, Recreate which starts innocently enough with acoustic guitars before morphing into something of a mini-epic with some seriously heavy music and lyrical themes before bringing the EP to a shuddering halt.

Dream State Consequences EP demonstrates the band’s ability to produce loud, edgy, opinionated yet melodic and accessible rock. Muscular riffs combine with powerful vocals and an uncompromising message to make this a truly memorable debut. Dream State look set to become another in the growing list of great bands come out of Wales. You’ll be hearing a lot more from this band over the coming years.

Listen to Consequences at Dream State’s Bandcamp page.

Dream State Consequences EP Review

Dream State Consequences EP (2015) Track Listing

1. Burden
2. Burn Them Down
3. Try Again
4. Relentless
5. Rebuild, Recreate

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