Ben Myers Daylight Moon Review

Ben Myers Daylight Moon Album Review

Ben Myers Daylight Moon Review

Ben Myers Daylight Moon album is the latest in a remarkable run of creativity which saw the talented singer-songwriter write seven albums in four years. Prolific or what? Over the twelve songs on Daylight Moon, Ben shows that his song writing is on an upward curve as he produces acoustic ballads with melodies that would be the envy of any of his contemporaries.

Daylight Moon wastes no time in drawing us in with two outstanding and contrasting opening tracks. Firstly, the subtle yet persistent hooks present in Love’s Alive demonstrate the artist’s pop instincts and the chorus is a real earworm. The simple arrangement of We’ll Never Know relies on Ben’s vocal phrasing and clever lyrical couplets to carry the song, which it does very well. The song is punctuated by some skilfully applied xylophone to give the song texture.

The quality doesn’t dip over the rest of the album and it’s quite easy to see that Ben is interested in the song writing process with influences from The Beatles to Elvis Costello apparent in his work. More obvious comparisons in mood and tempo have been made to Elliott Smith but given the quality of such artists, this is no bad thing.

It’s not all laid back introspection though. Check out the rocking Fire to the Flame with its angular rhythms which are reminiscent of the Go Betweens.

Ben Myers Daylight Moon – Fire to the Flame


Ben Myers Daylight Moon album was written, recorded, produced and mixed entirely by the artist himself. This not only demonstrates Ben Myers versatility but an understanding of his own music as the end product sounds crystal clear and brings out the beauty of the compositions.

Ben Myers has a seemingly effortless knack of producing intelligent, thoughtful acoustic music with roots in pop and folk in equal measures. All of the songs on Daylight Moon have a great melody that is, in-part well planned but also something instinctive that no amount of practice can generate. You’ve either got it or you haven’t and on Daylight Moon, Ben Myers proves beyond any doubt that he’s got it in abundance.

The good news is you can listen to Daylight Moon and other albums at Ben Myer’s website.

Ben Myers Daylight Moon Album Review

Ben Myers Daylight Moon (2014) Track Listing

1. Love’s Alive
2. We’ll Never Know
3. On the Way
4. I Look Away
5. Violets
6. Knife in the Water
7. I Don’t Need to Know
8. Light Me Up
9. Sleeping Slowly
10. Fire to the Flame
11. All These Changes
12. Love Mystique

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