Peacock Affect Rainbow EP Review

Peacock Affect Rainbow EP Review

Peacock Affect Rainbow EP Review

Peacock Affect Rainbow EP is the latest release from Exeter’s greatest one man band, George Holman. The intention at first was for Peacock Affect to be a band but when Holman couldn’t find anyone to fit the bill he decided to do it all himself. The guitar, bass, keyboards and percussion are all played by Holman, proving the old saying is true; “If you want something done properly, do it yourself”.

For readers of a certain age, the word “Rainbow” in a title may evoke memories of a British children’s TV programme featuring a confused hippopotamus, an ursine simpleton and a truly sinister creature with a zip-up mouth. However, think not of the cheerful theme tune associated with this show but of the angst and self-doubt raised by Morrissey and The Smiths at their best.

Spaceship is an indication of what Peacock Affect is all about. Built on a rolling bass line the guitars build along with the tension as the narrative unfolds. George Holman’s lyrics show great promise and a certain amount of wisdom too. Who hasn’t dreamt of jumping on a spaceship when our problems get too much to bear?

Peacock Affect Rainbow EP – Spaceship

The simple but haunting Trying closes the EP with its picked guitar and message of hope in a murky world with it’s opening statement “I feel like trying, a little less like dying”. Here George Holman displays another similarity to Morrissey in that while there is something both troubling and yet comforting in the vocals. However, “I feel like hurting myself to end up feeling less dead” is the most harrowing line I’ve heard in a while.

George Holman proves on his Peacock Affect Rainbow EP to be a very exciting talent indeed. He manages to create an atmosphere of vulnerable melancholy without ever feeling sorry for himself. The songs are cathartic expression of sorrow and full of life expressed in a clear, articulate poetic manner with a real ear for melody. The Rainbow Affect EP is an investment in a great young artist so why not listen to it at Peacock Affect’s Bandcamp Page.

Peacock Affect Rainbow EP Review

Peacock Affect Rainbow EP (2015) Track Listing

1. Untitled #1
2. Spaceship
3. A War In Venice
4. Average Looking Room
5. Sleep
6. Bye
7. Trying

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